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See our Bentwood chair range below, available to hire immediately


6ft Palm Trees

Our 6ft Palm trees are as home on tables as centrepieces as they are floor standing.

Hire from £35 ea per tree

Hire from £35 per tree

7ft/8ft Palm Trees

Our 8ft Trees are ideal either floor standing or on the table.

For events we usually recommend 6ft trees with a few 8ft palm trees to break up the height sight lines for a less uniform look.

Hire from £60 per tree

10ft Palm Trees

Our 10ft trees are striking for the wow factor.

Due to their height, we do not recommend them be placed outside.

For impact, due to the long stalk, the 10ft trees look better paired with 6ft & 8ft trees in a cluster

Hire from £90 per tree


Please include as much information about your event please, including dates, venue name, delivery postcode, loading restrictions, etcetera.

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